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International Travel Programs

An entire world is waiting for you to visit and the Bolingbrook Area Chamber of Commerce can help you get there. Thanks to our national partners we are able to offer five-star travel opportunities at unbeatable prices. When traveling abroad with the Chamber you will receive a first class experience starting right here at home. We handle all the arrangements, host a variety of informational meetings, introduce you to the other members of our delegation, and provide you with ample insight into your destination.

So why do we do this? Our economy is becoming more and more global every day and while you may not own a business that has international customers, you will undoubtedly interact with new cultures. Our mission is to grow and develop our local business community, by educating our population and helping you to explore the world, we are able to further our mission. These trips are not designed only for the cultured business traveler. While we do offer some international business exchanges while abroad, these trips are designed for the highest level of education, tourism, and cultural experiences. Everybody is invited to join us on our next delegation – you do not have to be a chamber member to enjoy these benefits!

2022 Pompeii and Amalfi

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2022 Danube River Cruise

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